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Judge Halts Alleged Transfer Scheme in Wyndham Cases

After nearly two years since the case against The Consulting Group, Inc. was filed in the Middle district of Tennessee (Case No. 2:12-cv-00096), Judge Aleta Trauger has apparently heard enough to send down a ruling, halting what has been termed a “sham” transfer operation... Read More...

An Overview of Key West Timesharing

The southernmost timeshare resorts to which you can drive from the continental United States are closer to Cuba (90 miles) than to Miami (150 miles). Drive south from Miami on the road to the end of the road—U.S. Highway 1—which in the Florida Keys is also called the Overseas Highway. You’ll struggle through suburban sprawl (or pay a turnpike toll to bypass it) and sweep across the Everglades’ sawgrass prairie to the mangrove margin where land and water merge. Then you’ll approach and mount the Jewfish Creek Bridge, a majestic span 7,500 feet long and 65 feet high that is the main gateway to the Keys.... Read More...

A Good Question 

A reader asks a good question: “How do you purchase a timeshare?” It’s not easy. A lot of people—including some with evil intent—are out there seeking to separate you from your money in return for a timeshare that may or may not be worth the money. The real question should be: “How do you purchase a timeshare that gives you good value and great vacations?” ... Read More...

Using a Timeshare as a ‘Base Camp’

When my family was young, most of our vacations were road trips spent camping along the way. It was the most affordable way to travel with three or four young children, and allowed us to see the country as we traveled. These trips focused on stops or stays at national parks or monuments, historic sites, other points of interest, and/or visits to family or friends.... Read More


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