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A Resort Manager’s Personal TBMA Triumph

For Denise A. Luhman, resort manager at Canada House Beach Club in Pompano Beach, FL, attending the spring 2014 Timeshare Board Members Association meeting in Orlando was a personal triumph. Six months earlier, she was seriously injured and her car was totaled in a collision with a big truck.... Read More...

NYAG Halts Manhattan Club Timeshare Activity

New York State’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, has won a temporary order of injunctive relief against the Manhattan Club after investigating numerous consumer complaints about the New York City timeshare developer. ... Read More...

DAE’s New Zealand Exchange Overview 

One of DAE’s favorite exchange destinations is the beautiful country of New Zealand, a rugged landscape where magnificent mountain ranges were squeezed up between two huge tectonic plates, and deep lakes were once active volcanoes... Read More...

Sun, Sand, and the Open Road

Did I hear Road Trip? In my opinion, no better place exists to take a timeshare road trip than Florida. With RCI alone having 426 of their 1,835 US resorts in the state (that’s 23 percent), no one can say they have seen it all.... Read More


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